Professionals of Honcharuk & Partners law firm provide legal services on issues that arise in the course of the activities of financial institutions, financial companies and their business relations with clients. Debtor bankruptcy, problem loans, banking crimes, and others – we guarantee a comprehensive and integrated approach to resolving banking disputes.


  • banking disputes
  • financial disputes
  • debt write-off
  • insurance disputes
  • seizure of property by bank
  • resolution of disputes arising amid financial relations
  • disputes about validity of surety, mortgage, pledge, loan agreements
  • judicial collection of problem debts
  • debt collection from guarantors
  • foreclosure of bail and mortgage
  • termination or recognition of right of pledge and mortgage
  • debt collection from state-owned enterprises
  • enforcement of judgment within the State Executive Service of Ukraine
  • out-of-court procedures for foreclosure on assets of debtors
  • judicial appeal against creditors’ entry of ownership of debtors’ assets
  • provision of written and oral advice on loan issues
  • preparation of applications for restructuring of credit debt
  • preparation of applications, petitions, complaints on credit disputes
  • development of individual instructions for protecting debtor’s interests
  • representation in banks and other financial institutions
  • pretrial settlement of disputes
  • analysis of bank agreements (loans, deposits)

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