Our specialists have successful practical experience in representing the interests of both lenders and borrowers.


  • pretrial settlement of dispute (amicable agreement), preparation of claims, contracts; search and pretrial seizure of property; imposition of interim measures
  • judicial collection of debts (if it is impossible to agree with debtor)
  • legal advice on all debt-related issues
  • preparation of documents aimed at resolving dispute out-of-court (claims, appeals, official letters)
  • preparation of package of documents confirming existence of debt and its amount
  • drafting and filing statements of claim in court (debt collection in court)
  • representation of client’s interests in court
  • support of enforcement proceedings (debt repayment based on court decision)

Additional services:

  • analysis of accounts receivable for each counterparty;
  • analysis of company’s short-term and long-term liabilities;
  • evaluation of indicators of efficiency of debt management, which will allow identifying trends in occurrence and repayment of obligations;
  • development of measures aimed at improving management of accounts receivable and payable;
  • ensuring repayment of debts and reducing losses in case of non-repayment;
  • payment by installments (extended maturity)
  • deferral – postponement of debt repayment dates to later date;
  • conversion of debt into assets (replacement of cash payments on debt by transferring to lender of individual assets of enterprise – shares, company’s real estate, elements of equipment, parts of raw products and materials, output finished products, and others);
  • debt cancellation (partially or completely);
  • drawing up act of reconciliation of mutual settlements.

Litigation: preparation and filing of statement of claim in court; participation in court hearings; representation of interests in appellate instance; representation of interests in cassation instance and supervisory board.


Execution of decision: search for property and accounts; seizure; requests for collection on debtor’s property; sale of property.


Collection on basis of agreements: loan; supplies; contract; purchase and sale; lease.


Collection of all types of debts: total debt; legal expenses; wages.


Recovery from debtors: individuals; legal entities; government agencies; other agencies of territorial authority.


Recovery of security for fulfillment of obligations: fine; penalty interest; advance payment; deposit return.


Collection at all stages: pretrial settlement of dispute; collection in court; at stage of enforcement proceedings.


Enforcement of judgment: seizure of debtor’s real estate; seizure of debtor’s assets.

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