We offer services in legal support of public procurement.

We guarantee compliance with the requirements of the current legislation of Ukraine and ensure transparency in procurement procedures, free competition between bidders.

For participants


  • selection of procedure and structuring of public procurement
  • preparation of written documentation: preparation of tender documents and bids; development of draft procurement agreements
  • support of negotiations and conclusion of procurement agreements
  • appeal against conditions of procurement set out in tender documents, decisions, actions/omissions of customers
  • monitoring of tenders, selection of tenders at client’s request
  • analysis of tender documents for hidden, illegal and discriminatory conditions
  • conducting public correspondence with customer, writing appeals and requirements to customer, if necessary
  • analysis of competitors’ bids, if customer has identified them as winners, for compliance with tender documents
  • writing complaints about customer’s decision to reject bid, decision to determine competitor as winner
  • assistance in performing actions in status of winner of procurement procedure
  • analysis of complaint made by client about its validity, compliance with current legislation and terms of tender documents


For customers

  • representation of clients’ interests in national appeal authorities and courts
  • preparation of organizational and administrative documents for creation and operation of tender committee (regulations on tender committee, order on establishment of tender committee, minutes of tender committee meetings, and others)
  • providing consulting assistance in considering documents submitted by winner
  • legal analysis of agreement
  • legal support for signing agreement
  • objections to complaint for customer using AMCU practice



Additional services:


  • writing complaints on conditions of tender documents to the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine;
  • checking company for its compliance with tender’s conditions;
  • preparation of list of required documents and complete package of documents of tender bid;
  • development of strategy for participation in tender based on information about typical behavior of competitors and typical situations in tenders;
  • consultations on issues arising during execution of procurement agreement;
  • representation of client’s interests in AMCU on consideration of complaint in public procurement;
  • analysis of practice of the Antimonopoly Committee’s Collegium on specific issue.

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