We offer our clients business-oriented dispute resolution strategies based on first-rate forensic expertise and professional team experience

  • disputes over the protection of property rights to real estate facilities
  • disputes over the protection of the right to use real estate facilities
  • disputes in the field of lease of state-owned and municipal property
  • disputes in the field of investment in construction
  • disputes arising from unauthorized construction
  • appeal against decisions, actions or omissions of public agencies for construction management
  • appeal against measures for liability for law violation
  • disputes in the field of property taxation

Additional services:

  • counseling for obtaining permits;
  • real estate due diligence;
  • return on investment;
  • representing clients’ interests for resolution of land disputes at all stages of the litigation;
  • drafting construction contracts;
  • legal assessment of land plots for construction;
  • protecting rights and interests of investors and real estate owners.

Due diligence of documents

  • verification of seller’s authority
  • verification of legality of construction
  • verification of title documents for real estate
  • verification of legality of agreed sales scheme
  • verification of property in state registers (regarding ownership rights to real property, existence of bans, seizures, mortgages, and others)
  • verification of ownership rights to land plot

Legal support for agreement conclusion

  • identification and analysis of risks in agreement
  • coordination of agreement’s essential terms with seller
  • legal support of jural relations with seller (developer) until ownership rights on real estate are obtained
  • pretrial settlement of disputes with seller (developer), service organizations after registration of ownership rights on real estate (for curtilages, facility management, and others.)
  • legal assessment of legality of already concluded agreements on real estate facilities
  • control over implementation of agreement by parties
  • legal analysis of possibility of getting out of problematic construction

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