This important branch of the domestic economy embodies a large mechanism, which is constantly in motion, has a complicated structure, provides for a complex of knowledge and processes, and requires the support of legal professionals.

Honcharuk & Partners law firm has considerable experience in legal activities on land legislation and land use management, including issues of allotment and acquisition of public and municipal land, purchase and sale as well as lease of land plots.

We provide legal support for:

  • alienation and acquisition of land plots, land lease and establishment of land bank
  • tax planning, corporate law and management, fundraising and loan agreements
  • issues of export and international agreements
  • processing, storage and supply of commodities.

 Services for:

  • contractual risk management;
  • restructuring of debt obligations and assets;
  • checking reliability of counterparties
  • interaction with government agencies;
  • support of labour protection and labour relations;
  • taxation;
  • dispute resolution.

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