We defend the rights and legitimate interests of participants in corporate disputes.


Creation, reorganization and liquidation of companies, procedure for conducting transactions with corporate rights (shares, stocks, and others), mechanisms of interaction between various internal corporate structures.

We offer following services:

  • resolution of corporate disputes in pretrial and judicial order;
  • resolution of disputes arising in process of corporate governance on formation, functioning, activities of supervisory board, executive authority, audit commission of joint stock company;
  • resolution of disputes related to registration, reorganization and liquidation of companies;
  • preparation of  draft constituent documents of all forms of business entities (charters, shareholder agreements, internal regulations);
  • obtaining patents, permits for business activities by business entities;
  • support of procedure for liquidation of business entities;
  • due diligence of existing corporate structures in order to identify significant risks and provide assistance in process of eliminating them;
  • preparation of draft agreements for purchase and sale of corporate rights;
  • support of corporate restructuring process, development of effective internal control and management structure in order to protect owners’ interests;
  • analysis of all aspects of taxation, currency control and antimonopoly regulation;
  • creation of optimal corporate structure for business management.



  • we carry out due diligence and provide consultations on reforming corporate structure of existing enterprise;
  • we develop recommendations for resolving conflicts between business owners, support procedure for excluding participants, withdrawing from founders. The key issue in these processes is resolution of material disputes
  • in order to facilitate possible future processes of division of business, we draft corporate agreements, conduct consultations on protection of participants’ rights
  • we assist both at stage of creating business and at stage of its reorganization – we bring it in line with current goals and objectives of client

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