Real estate issues arise in most agreements and a number of projects of our clients. Therefore, the specialists of Honcharuk & Partners law firm pay special attention to this aspect.

Our competencies:

  • assistance in all legal matters related to real estate and construction law.
  • advice on construction and property-related matters
  • legal support for process of purchasing and selling property

We make inspection of:

  • land plot;
  • permitting construction and technical documentation of developer;
  • registration data of counterparties (persons who is party to contract)
  • purchase and sale agreement and others.

If the purchase of property takes place on the secondary market, a real estate attorney-at-law will check the seller’s title documents, the presence of seizures, debts, etc., in an apartment or house. Legal support of the purchase also provides for participation in negotiations with the owner or developer. Attorneys-at-law can register property rights, draw up draft agreements, amicable and judicial settlements of conflicts.

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